1. Cherno Alpha attempting to move Kaiju Kitteh away from my mousepad…


  2. Take the “Ghost Train,” to enter the dark, wicked world of Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus! Feel the terror with their gritty rock-and-roll, heavy metal angst, and poetic lyrics. #DailyDownload

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  3. Kebab dinner…

  4. A song of absentee love and war-torn despair…set against a post-apocalyptic steampunk backdrop of too much whiskey and not enough ammo.

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    LYRICS to “Then You Can Go”

    If suddenly you feel inclined
    Trade a penny for your mind
    Not a thought for your decline
    It’s blacker than this

    War has broken out indoors
    Hide the china, mop the floors
    Which blood is mine and which is yours?
    You cannot hide this!

    One more drink then you can go
    I might not see you anymore
    Just a drink then you can go
    …No please don’t go

    The realities of war
    What is now has gone before
    History repeats once more
    Tragedy befalls us

    Though you plot to take the field
    On the morrow all is revealed
    Those men are waiting with their steel
    You can’t survive this

    One more drink then you can go
    I might not see you anymore
    Just a drink then you can go
    …No please don’t go

    If you leave and it’s your last
    Doomed to dream inside the past
    Our sorry fate is unsurpassed
    Tragedy befalls us!

    And if by some chance you return
    To paper friends with false concern
    Can you really sleep with all you’ve burned?
    You can’t survive this!

    One more drink then you can go
    I might not see you anymore
    Just a drink then you can go
    …No please don’t go


  5. My significant other has a band of her own! Check out HOT SKIN

    Hot Skin is an experimental jazz band. We play jazz interpretations of heavy metal and war-torn songs of love and despair.”

  6. Caturday! aka clean the house day. Fixing my Star Wars shrine…

    PS.The missus loves R2.

  7. Lunch… healthy shit. I fuckin’ love “tuyo” (dried fish)

  8. FRIDAY!!!

  9. Back from the barber (meaning: me cutting my own hair in the shower - that’s not pubes in the drain) - goodbye “Neckbeard fedora atheist beta” look. Now sporting the Scumbag rockabilly ‘do.


  10. We came back to SLAM! Last year (PSS13) we shared the stage with: Coheed & Cambria, Cannibal Corpse, Dragon Force, and many others…

    This year we Slammed with HATEBREED! 

    Hopefully we get to play (again) for PULP SUMMER SLAM 15 next year \m/

    PULP Magazine Issue №155 • July 2014

    You can LISTEN or DOWNLOAD our music HERE for FREE


  11. In case you were wondering… Subdivisions were victims… Living in a (9th floor) condo ain’t so bad after all…

    All is good BTW :) power is back and the missus and cats are safe.


  12. Aaawww… :)


  13. Dear Tumblr,

    Some of you may know me as the obnoxious drum&bass gas mask wearing DJ… Some of you might not know I am also part of (joined late 2012) a scrapmetal (yeah we made that genre up) horror band Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus.

    Our new album and music is now available ONLINE. I would really appreciate a few moments of your time to check us out:

    AMPLIFY - you can listen/download songs FOR FREE!

    SPOTIFY - you can listen/download/buy both albums.

    We’re also on iTunes!

    Hope you like our music… Spread the word and the legs.

    Recommendations: Her Last Drop, Shadows in My Room, Ghost Train, The Hatter.




  14. One of those times I spun for Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School (favorite shirt + gear shot by Brendan Goco)