1. #makeuptransformation‬ #SerjTankian #systemofadown Screw the parodies! If i’m gonna hop on the bandwagon i’d do it right \m/


  2. This is why I don’t get shit done on time…

  3. SILENCE! I don’t go to your office and tell you what to do. NO REQUESTS.


  4. Another terrific gig IN THE RAIN! Pulled what we could of the crowd up on stage with us. ALL ABOARD!


  5. "A Ponyan furiously spellcasting. This could be you!"

    Hey guys! It’s been a while since we’ve issued a Face Mountain update. For those of you who don’t already know what Face Mountain is…

    Face Mountain Worldwide Release Schedule


  6. Oh you have work today? tough shit. this is my workspace now.

  7. GOOD NEWS! MOM is home, and pregnant again. BAD NEWS is that DAD came along for the ride… he just met his daughter for the 1st time… got some OLDBOY vibe goin’ on… we’re a bit worried…

  8. Throwback Thursday (3 months ago) with NIKOLA + PORTAL: Companion Cube


  9. Eggplant Pasta


  10. guess who’s booked and going to TGS2014!?!?

  11. Prepared dinner for the missus, her sister and her cousin. 

    Sweet chicken bbq

    Shrimp pomelo salad

    Zucchini tuyo rigatoni


  12. Upgraded my DKR to the ABSOLUTE version!


  13. Spent my Sunday with the Circus, hanging out, drinkin’ beers and hunting for the location for our next music video.

    Abandoned mansions are kinda like our signature when it comes to MVs. 

    If you’re curious… we’re on Spotify!!! check out the track HER LAST DROP by Mr. Bones and The Boneyard Circus

    "come share our love"