Items tagged "1985":

  1. Brazil (1985)

    A bureaucrat in a retro-future world tries to correct an administrative error and himself becomes an enemy of the state.

    The Plot Synopsis above doesn’t capture this film. If you know Terry Gilliam, YOU KNOW it’s gonna be a fun ride. Bizarre and whimsical from start to end, there’s so much to look at.

    A sci-fi masterpiece! from a director who does fantasy comedies. After reviewing The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) i had the urge to watch another Gilliam…

    Jonathan Pryce was brilliant in his performance as the mild mannered desk jockey and the winged hero. He did well as the central character in this oh-so-crazy world. The sets and characters were truly one for the optic senses. And “Woah!” remember Robert De Niro is in this! And what about the demented “interrogators”??? Twisted!

    There’s just so much to talk about “visually” and the prosthetic work… genius. The song is still running in my head. “Braaaaziiiiiiil!”

    TRIVIA: The samurai sequence was originally conceived to reflect Terry Gilliam’s love for Akira Kurosawa films.

    A glimpse into the future, when the shit has hit the fan in this utopian disaster. Filled with paperwork and rules governed by greed and superficiality. It may be hard to digest at first, but make no mistake - this is a classic. And a great one at that.


  2. Fright Night (1985)

    When a teenager learns that his next door neighbor is a vampire, no one will believe him.

    Think you know the 80s??? A horror comedy that remembers vampires at the time of the slasher boom. What a treat to revisit.

    Goddamn dialogue… classic! It’s stupid and fun, in more ways than one.

    TRIVIA: The character Peter Vincent (Vampire Killer/TV Host) is named for two actors well-known for their appearances in horror movies: Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.

    Roddy McDowall was as entertaining as i remembered. The makeup effects were ok for it’s time. The script and humor was well delivered and the acting… 80s. Me gusta!

    A fright not to be forgotten.


  3. Creature (1985)

    A expedition to Titan uncovers an alien being, that goes on a rampage.

    The 80s have never been better! Goddamn, this brought me back… Want some wine with that cheese? *cue trumpet thriller music*

    Dubbed as the Alien (1979) rip-off. Scientists find a foreign (German) vessel and an alien creature, who stalks and possesses the crew. A run around horror with shocks, cheap thrills and laser sound effects. Riddled with crap/funny/flat/ham acting and ridiculous dialogue.

    And would somebody please fix those automatic doors! The creature is getting smarter.

    "Cut it out, you’re scaring me" Faces torn off and blown to pieces.

    It’s time to get naked! Women… sci-fi horrors would be nothing without them, geeks are perverts. And so am i. This was definitely a step backwards from Alien, but manages to hold it’s own. Grab a tit or boob.

    This is one of those films that live and breathe “cult classic”. Foul language, nudity and gore! “It’s oozing” and mind control? freakin’ space zombies!

    TRIVIA: Some of the classic sci-fi props and gizmos in the movie are from Forbidden Planet (1956).

    "Is it dead???" - it never is.

    Oh my 80s… so bad it’s good copycat/knock-off??? you never fail to amuse.

    Let’s blow up the ship… better yet, let’s shoot it out the airlock… gonna give this horrible sci-fi an “ok”. Even though it’s an obvious “fail”.


  4. Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood (1985)

    A woman walking home late at night is attacked by an unknown assailant who knocks her out with chloroform. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself tied to a bed in a blood- spattered dungeon, at the mercy of a white-faced man in a samurai helmet who wants to turn her into a “flower of blood and flesh.” He then proceeds to slowly dismember and disembowel her as the camera records it all.

    Nerve rattling horror! Based on the horror manga by director Hideshi Hino.

    TRIVIA: This was portrayed (for theatrical effect) to be based on an actual snuff film sent to the director Hideshi Hino by a crazed fan.

    The film starts with a WARNING you have been warned.

    Grotesque and as raw as the 1st Guinea Pig. Better produced and cinematic, compared to the 1st in story and execution, literally. But no way could this have passed as a “real” snuff film. The sound effects, camera angles and slow-mo are a dead giveaway.

    WINNING: After viewing a part of this film, actor Charlie Sheen was convinced the murder depicted was genuine and contacted the MPAA, who then contacted the FBI. The film makers, who were repeatedly interviewed by the Japanese police and eventually summoned to court to prove that the special effects were indeed fake.

    AND THAT IS WHY, the dvd comes with “the making of”. A consolation for those people who watch this film high, and think it’s real.

    "Chop-Chop Lady" a familiar name used when chopped up female bodies are found. This film brings the lady to life/death. The madman sedates his victim and cuts away while she is conscious. A simple idea, stretched with suspense towards an inescapable demise.

    Pretty darn great (visual) gore/prosthetic effects! Halfway through it gets pretty intense. The hand bit was so freakin’ good. This could have passed as a “real” flick had it not been for the lighting, invisible cameraman and typical “crunchy” tv sound effects.

    Good stuff for all you gore fans! It’s fuckin’ sick… Up next: Guinea Pig 3: Shudder! The Man Who Doesn’t Die (1986).


  5. Guinea Pig 1: Devil’s Experiment (1985)

    A group of men who kidnap and graphically torture a young woman in as many ways as possible, as part of an experiment on the human body’s threshold of pain. The different forms of pain consist of kicking, claw, unconscious, a sound, skin, burn, worms, guts, and needle.

    And so begins my 6 film Guinea Pig marathon! This is as raw as it gets. Vhs cam quality that was probably shot next door. Brutal and visually perverse, without the aid of fancy CGI effects. Pretty decent for it’s time.

    "This is a report of an experiment on the breaking point of bearable pain and the corrosion of people’s senses…"

    Oh Japan, i freakin’ appreciate breaking the boundaries of decency and explicit content. A true Japanese exploitation gore-horror film.

    The film is all just about 3 guys beating up a girl, and using different (segmented) tactics to break her. The (minimal dialogue) acting was very 80s, i couldn’t help but snicker. Vicious but funny at times, but also gave it that grimy realistic feel. Unpolished.

    A snuff film, based on pain experiments. It’s a torture flick, plain and simple.

    This is just the 1st, let’s see what’s in store for our stomachs next? Guinea Pig 2: Flowers of Flesh and Blood (1985).


  6. Clue (1985)

    Six guests are invited to a strange house and must cooperate with the staff to solve a murder mystery.

    Based on the board game Cluedo, by Anthony E. Pratt.

    I still remember the 1st time i caught this on late night cable. I loved the multiple ending bit, and couldn’t wait to find a copy and watch it again. This was THE who-done-it of all who-done-its. Funny and entertaining! One of my favorite board games comes to life… Two thumbs up!

    This was also the 1st time Tim Curry caught my attention. Wadsworth owned this film. Especially in the part where he’s running around explaining at the end. And Doc Brown!!! Christopher Lloyd  playin’ the studly Professor Plum. It brings me joy revisiting this film with these two childhood icons on screen.

    And Yvette… oh my puberty, Yvette, Yvette, Yvette. The cutest and hottest French maid every young boy fantasizes about. Goddamn.

    Trivia: The murder scenes from the movie are an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Ten Little Indians.

    A great film with great talent and content. Realistic and unbelievable at the same time (multiple endings), which manages to succeed and present the first movie based on a board game.

    The cast drove this film and performed at the highest level. Perfect. Each had their own spark and as a whole this film rocked. A character driven murder mystery comedy. I’d call this one of those timeless films.

    "And monkey’s brains, though popular in Cantonese cuisine, are not often to be found in Washington D.C"

    A genuinely fun crime comedy everyone has to see.


  7. Flesh+Blood (1985)

    A band of medieval mercenaries take revenge on a noble lord who decides not to pay them by kidnapping the betrothed of the noble’s son.

    Murder, pillaging, rape and revenge! One of those (back in the day), “thank god for uncensored late night cable television” movies. I was very excited to see this again, and i was not disappointed. I remember it being a lot “darker”…

    One of the first masterpieces of director Paul Verhoeven, who would later give us: RoboCop (1987), Total Recall (1990), Basic Instinct (1992) - a re-make of his 1st hit De vierde man (1983), Starship Troopers (1997) and Hollow Man (2000).

    Rutger Hauer stars as “the chosen one” Martin, leader of the bandits. One of his most memorable performances ever! Most people know him as the bad-ass “Roy Batty” from the sci-fi cult classic Blade Runner (1982).

    And joining Hauer as the “villains you love to hate” is Brion James, who played “Leon” in Blade Runner (1982).

    The beautiful and very young Jennifer Jason Leigh had me at hello, when i first saw this. Demure princess turned sex fiend. 

    Sexually charged with violent visuals, wrapped together by folklore and religious destiny. I think the tagline best describes the films 3 (major) conflicts:

    Betrayed by Power: The relationship of the mercenaries vs. the crown

    Corrupted by Love: The relationship of captor and hostage (Stockholm syndrome)

    Bound by Honor: The relationship of between rebel and hero.

    An absolute treat to re-visit! I forgot how good the prosthetic/special effect details were. And of course the unforgettable story, I remembered the “noose” and “mangrove” scenes, and the innovative tools/knowledge used by the young Steven (hero), to infiltrate the castle.

    If you remember this, i suggest you watch it again. Medieval life has never been so true, brutal and beautiful. There are a bit of funny lines/dialogue, hey man it was the 80s.

    If you haven’t seen it, i suggest you grab a copy and check it out. Especially if you like action, drama, adventure/tales from the middle ages, with sexual content and violence.

    "Everything is predestined. Life runs its own course. Look at this little angel! Saint Martin has sent us a little angel to play with!"