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  1. Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)

    An alteration of the timeline for the superhero, The Flash, creates ripples that disastrously alters the Universe. The Flash must team with other heroes to restore the timeline while the Earth is ravaged by a war between Aquaman’s Atlantis and Wonder Woman’s Amazons.

    Based on the DC “Flashpoint” comics/crossover. I’m just gonna say “WOW!”. This is the best DC animated feature since Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010).

    What goes down: The Flash is thrown into an alternate reality, with no powers, and all the other superheroes are “versions” of themselves. A war rages on between Wonder Woman’s amazons and Aquaman’s sea dwelling army. Humans are caught in between, who will save us??? 

    I dove into this with very little expectation and was BLOWN RIGHT OUT OF THE WATER. Finally! Aquaman (Cary Elwes) is a badass. 

    The voice acting was terrific. Featuring The voices of: C. Thomas HowellJustin Chambers from Grey’s Anatomy (2005), Michael B. Jordan of Chronicle (2012), the big jawed buffoon Ron Perlman WOOHOO!!! Nathan Fillion as the Green Lantern!!! and keeping with tradition… Kevin Conroy as Batman!!!

    Great story! I especially loved the Batman twist and was enamored from that point on. This is one of the best Justice League animated films… EVER. The animation leaned a bit on the anime side of things, which some may or may not like.  Costume design was also a hook. I gotta say Wonder Woman was H.O.T. The action sequences were brutal and this ‘toon is definitely not for kids = loved it.

    And to those who know their pulp fiction, you guys will enjoy the cameos and extras included in this epic battle. 

    I’d just like to say again… Batman RULES! The joke’s on you. 

    BONUS bits: After the end of the credits there is a hint/ foreshadowing of Justice League: War.

    The filmmakers stuck to the book and delivered awesomeness. Kudos to DC! 

    MY VERDICT: 8.5/10


  2. Justice League: Doom (2012) 

    Vandal Savage steals confidential files Batman has compiled on the members of the Justice League, and learns all their weaknesses.

    The television voice actors go straight to video…

    My 1st thought: It’s a modern Challenge of the SuperFriends (1978)! It even has the bubble type headquarters that rises from the bog. 

    The Legion of Doom!!!

    Batman is a douche - he secretly devises ways to disable his teammates in case of a “problem”. And loses it to the hands of the baddies, who use it against the league. 

    Vandal Savage is the main villain, i’m not too familiar with his background… And WHAT THE FUCK. Cyborg??? really? i mean REALLY?

    So the basic story goes around WHY Batman would do such a thing. It’s for you own safety fools! One thing i disliked was how they resolved the solar flare dilemma… c’mon, it follows the space dust - captain obvious would say? 

    Audiences are treated to some one-on-one action between the heroes and adversaries - i wasn’t familiar with some of them… maybe thats why i didn’t quite enjoy this. I felt left out.

    Not the best, not the worse. The animation was typical (TV) and the story wasn’t compelling enough to grab hold of my full attention. Understandably straight to video. Another way-too-convenient ‘toon.


  3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)

    A grumpy hermit hatches a plan to steal Christmas from the Whos of Whoville.

    Dr. Seuss is more than an author, he’s a whimsical storytelling god. 

    Anything animated/directed by Chuck Jones is guaranteed GOLD!

    Boris Karloff one of the true icons of horror cinema, provides the voice of The Grinch and Narrator. A quick fix for the holidays!

    Good Stuff for the whole family.


  4. Redline (2010)

    An action drama centered on a deadly racing tournament held every five years and the reckless dare-devil driver who wants to win it.

    WOW! just WOW!!!

    Lead Animator for Ninja Scroll (1993) & Samurai Champloo opening credits (2004), Director of The Animatrix (segment “World Record”) Takeshi Koike - gives us a Wham Bam Let’s Burn Rubber ‘mam! action!

    It’s like the videogame F-Zero and the Death Race film/s, but animated. 

    J.P. is our “cool” funky haired driver, who’s been known to have fixed races in the past. He races for the win this time, with his voluptuous babe Sonoshee by his side. The bad guys comprise of big headed racers, militant robots and corrupt gamblers.

    Imagination blown completely out of proportion!!! What a visual feast. This was like a machinegun firing non-stop. The story is as ridiculous as the animation.

    FUN! this was a fantasy (race) that is worth watching. Not like the sissy pod races, this is  manly shit.

    Breakneck speed and illustrations, following a quirky tale of a few who dare to face velocity in the eye. Anime fans will drool. Two thumbs up!


  5. King of Thorn (2010)

    A mysterious virus, nicknamed Medusa, is spreading around Japan, turning its victims into stone. Given the impossibility of finding an immediate cure, the government opts for cryopreserving a select group of patients until they come up with a solution. Kasumi, one of the chosen ones, has been asleep for years and her awakening, more than a bed of roses, is a bed of thorns, and happens in the midst of total chaos where monstrous creatures lie in wait all around.

    Based on Yuji Iwahara’s manga by the same name, King of Thorn.

    It’s another Sleeping Beauty!!! and a horror!!! an anime about dreams and being in a closed-in environment… with death lurking in every corner.

    Who will die next? I got a Resident Evil vibe along with some nice sci-fi elements. Humanity’s last hope… is doomed.

    The drama and twists were as sharp as the animation mixed with CGI. This was thrilling and kept my brain running. “What’s going on here?”

    Another great apocalyptic sci-fi story. I luckily bumped into this while digging for new flicks - if you like anime, you’ll definitely enjoy this! It’s a survival horror.


  6. Batman: Year One (2011)

    A wealthy playboy and a Chicago cop both return to Gotham City where their lives will intersect in unexpected ways.

    Based on the DC comic/Graphic Novel Batman: Year One by Frank Miller

    Gotham before the arrival of the caped crusader. TWO knights rise up to the challenge! An animated take on a down to earth version of the bat-tale.

    A story of crime and police corruption. The city is a mess and is in need of a hero. In this case Jim Gordon arrives as the diamond in the rough, and 25 year old Bruce Wayne starts finding his purpose. Both men do their thing, Gordon took the steering wheel here.

    Raw and dramatic unlike the flashy ‘toon bats we’re all familiar with. Serious in nature but amateur in delivery. The animation was lame and simple - lazy! it looked LAZY. “Straight to video” indeed.

    Shuffling it up, i guess DC decided to go Hollywood. Replacing classic voice talents with stars like: Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston as Jim Gordon, WTF?!? Ben McKenzie as Batman, and the HOT Eliza Dushku as the “oh my…” Catwoman…The results speaks for itself.

    Excitement and anticipation burst into flames… An enjoyable cartoon, to a certain degree.

    As a fan of the comic book, i was content. As a fan of DC animation i was appalled.


  7. Little Johnny the Movie (2011)

    Celebrates the wrongest jokes ever told. It’s a coming of age story that’s brimming with irreverent humor, larger-than-life characters, and crackling action to boot! It will remind you of the great cartoons of yesteryear.

    There are Aussie films and there are Aussie ‘Toons!!!

    Ah yeah, fuck yeah, let’s curse ya!?! Leave it to the naivety of a young boy, with a foul mouth.

    Witty with a dash of “fuck” and timing. A full length film, chopped into nice snippets of stand-up. Definitely not for kids.

    The poster and the plot synopsis has great claims… fuck that. I had high hopes and was left short changed. It’s funny, but it ain’t that good. I hated the rooster bits… juvenile.

    The animation was/is CRAP. Watch it for the humor/content.


  8. Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light (1987)

    The planet Prysmos - Post Apocalypse. Two groups rise to dominance from the devastation to wage war upon each other. One is controlled by honest and law abiding people and the other by criminals and villains. Following an open challenge thrown down by the great wizard Merklynn, fourteen surviving knights are granted powers of transformation and magical energy. The group are now divided between the good Spectral Knights and the evil Darkling Lords. The battle for supremacy begins…

    “By nature’s hand by craft by art, what once was one now fly apart!”

    I used to freakin’ LOVE this ‘toon! This was an amazing and rejuvenating re-visit. Cup of nostalgia anyone?

    Back in the heyday of Hasbro and every toy has an action figure. Each company trying to outdo the competition with gimmicks and tv shows dedicated to their product line. It was fun being a kid in the 80s, and holograms were the shit back then!

    And what a surprise, only now i find out that most of the voice talents of this cartoon came from G.I. Joe and The Transformers.

    The iconic (hard to forget even if you try) Chris Latta aka Cobra Commander aka Starscream does the voice of Cravex. AND Peter Cullen aka Optimus Prime is in this too!

    Virulina will forever be the HOT evil ” shark” chick.

    NOTE: The voices of the “extras” were HILARIOUS!!! Like bad porn.

    It’s a shame the show only lasted 13 episode… Solid start but the latter episodes were laughable. Besides the cliche dialogue and silly humor, this had some great action and creative weaponry. A nice mix of Magic and technology. 

    “May the light shine forever”


  9. FLCL (2001) aka Fooly Cooly

    A 12-year old boy named Naota one day meets a strange woman, riding a Vespa and wielding a big guitar. As soon as she appears, mysterious things start happening.

    A vibrant and fast-paced 6 episode anime masterpiece! Suggested to me after posting Dead Leaves (2004) - TV head/robot. And i loved the EVA Neon Genesis type feel to it as well. This was a ridiculous and fun ride, though confusing at the start. Clarity comes in the end.

    This is just what the doctor ordered, an almost perfect getaway from reality. Let your mind go wild! Stunning to the eyes and mind. It’s got cats, robots and mad rockin’ guitars!!! And a brutal OST to boot.

    Loved the sexual innuendo and dark metaphors, imbedded in the fantastic animation. A roller-coaster ride not to be missed! Three thumbs up!


  10. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze (1991)

    The Turtles and the Shredder battle once again, this time for the last cannister of the ooze that created the Turtles, which Shredder wants to create an army of new mutants.

    "Cowabunga dudes!!!"

    The heroes in a half shells are back for some more tubular action and radical laughs! A couple of changes and additions to the franchise. Watching this again made me realize this had lots more to offer “the youth” than the first movie.

    I loved how the whole opening sequence focused on PIZZA!

    Lessons! The whole “doesn’t matter how you were brought to the world, it’s what you make of yourself”, “finding one’s destiny”, “not to give up” and “the gift of youth and the value of experience”. These were nice touches to the film, giving it a positive light.

    The Turtles fight the evil nasty dudes, led by a resurrected Shredder. Part 2 involves the “Ooze” which mutated the Turtles and Splinter, into awesome! Evil creates Tokka and Rahzar, characters made by the original creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, which disappointed fans of the cartoon series. What happened to Bebop and Rocksteady?!? 

    What i enjoyed was the separation of Rafael from the group, in the comics the dudes a badass rebel. Who goes out at night as a (solo) vigilante a lot. I suggest checking out the violent TMNT comic books.

    The fights were slightly improved and the gangs were still lame. Paige Turco was a better/hotter April O’Neil! Mad scientist “legend” David Warner does what he does best. And Ernie Reyes Jr. begins his journey into the spotlight.

    Holy fuck Vanilla Ice!!! “Go ninja, Go ninja, Go!” - i totally forgot about this part. And upon doing some research i found out WWE/wresting superstar Kevin Nash was Super Shredder.

    Dedicated to the memory of “Puppet Master” Jim Henson.

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993) was just too kiddie for me. TMNT (2007) was a good attempt at bringing them back, but CGI just didn’t do it for me. What i am excited for is the “possible/rumored” comeback of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012).

  11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

    A quartet of humanoid turtles trained by their mentor in ninjitsu must learn to pull together in order to face the menace of Shredder and the Foot Clan.

    Based on the comic book by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.

    Does anyone remember this? PIZZA!!! = The beginning of an obsession. An action packed live action action ‘toon come to life. With Kung Fu, slang words, skateboards and mutated heroes. Radical!!!

    Those darn memorable green dudes. At the time THIS was the best of the best, costume wise. The animatronic heads were a marvel. The voices were different from the famous cartoon, but we (kids) didn’t seem to mind. Looking at it now i commend the men in “suits”, bet it was hell getting those moves down.

    Woah i totally missed -Corey Feldman voiced Donatello?!?!? I remember that Elias Koteas was perfect as Casey Jones. The girl who played April O’Neil was a let down, nowhere near “hot” or “cute”.

    TRIVIA: This was the highest-grossing independent film of all time, having made over $133 million in domestic box office.

    Cheesy as pizza! I will never forget the line “Ninja, Vanish!” and Tatsu’s growling/grunting.

    The animation and toys helped skyrocket these turtles to international infamy. Who didn’t have a turtle item in their home? During the late 80s and early 90s it was all about turtle power. I am proud to have been part of a generation who grew up with “non conventional” looking heroes. They ain’t pretty boys, but they sure are “cool”. Which makes this one of the successful comic book movies of the time.

    An era of awesomeness!


  12. The Transformers: The Movie (1986)

    The Autobots must stop a colossal planet consuming robot who is after the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

    "You got the touch, You got the power… Yeeeeeaaaah!!!"

    The ULTIMATE 80s sci-fi cartoon! The definition of “EPIC”. Childhood awe and splendor have resurfaced like an acid flashback. Intergalactic War has never looked so cool!

    Featuring the voice talents of: Judd Nelson, “Guinness Book of World Records fastest talker.” John Moschitta Jr., Mr. Sci-fi Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron, The iconic Optimus Prime voice by Peter Cullen AND the legendary Orson Welles as Unicron! Plus, the original tv character voices/actors.

    Cartoon death has never been so sad… the loss of a leader and a rise of a novice. An action packed adventure that will be with me ‘til the day i die. The live action films have never been able to capture the cartoon/toy franchise as true as this.

    No matter how many times i watch this… it never gets old.

    The Transformers is the crown jewel of 80s cartoon movies! G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987) is in 2nd place, without a doubt. Both tv series have influenced my life (moral lessons) and has made me the man that i am today.

    *Yes, i have a Decepticon tattoo.


  13. Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011)

    As the home planet of the Green Lantern Corps faces a battle with an ancient enemy, Hal Jordan prepares new recruit Arisia for the coming conflict by relating stories of the first Green Lantern and several of Hal’s comrades.

    "In brightest day, in blackest night,

    No evil shall escape my sight

    Let those who worship evil’s might,

    Beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!”

    An animated warm-up to the highly anticipated live action Green Lantern (2011). I really enjoyed viewing this DC feature. Something audiences should see before the big release.

    Planetary adventures! A couple of short stories escalating to an intergalactic confrontation. Grand and well put together. My favorite was the story of “The First Lantern”, heroes come in all shapes and sizes.”Mogo”

    Destiny… The film also shows a tidbit of the fate that awaits Sinestro, and his Yellow Lantern. Good stuff! Clean animation, neat dubbing(voice acting) and enticing stories, two thumbs up!


  14. Koroshiya 1: The Animation Episode 0 (2002)

    On the streets of Tokyo, a mobster clashes with a mysterious psychopath named Ichi, who kills his enemies in startlingly violent ways. Though Ichi is driven by a dark secret, he has no conscience about the deaths he is responsible for.

    Bullies BEWARE! A year after the epic bloodbath manga turned film, this animated prequel was released on video. Turning heads and bringing the gore back to anime!

    The animation and violence was superb, but the story may confuse some. This one was much closer to the manga rather than the movie Ichi The Killer (2001). J-horror Master Takashi Miike provides the voice for Kakihara! That in itself is a WIN.

    Sex and violence, just like the way Hideo Yamamoto envisioned this gangster/bully revenge tale. It was a pleasant re-visit and i can’t wait to view 1-Ichi (2003) as well, the live action prequel.

    "I LOVE Ichi the Killer"

    Sit back and enjoy the brutality!