Items tagged "london":

  1. Attack the Block (2011)

    A teen gang in South London defend their block from an alien invasion.

    Shaun of the Dead (2004) meets Super 8 (2011)! An absolutely FUN sci-fi action comedy.

    Props to writer/director Joe Cornish, for blurring the lines of fantasy and reality. This had great visuals and the characters felt real. Dark and vibrant at the same time. This urban sci-fi has something about it that just captures audiences…

    Potty mouth kids battle “blackest black” creatures from another planet. The effects and creatures were simple and yet decent. What drove this film was the awesome bunch of troublemakers and their leader Moses. Played by 1st timer John Boyega - who did a good job as the rough and tough teen. The banter and wit was amusing to say the least.

    And “woah!” Nick Frost slouched on the couch… once again. This time he’s a pot dealer! It doesn’t get any better than that.

    The music was a bonus. It set the pace and tone, making this a thrill ride with some kick.

    Some have dubbed this as the “British Super 8”- I say it’s something else.

    "Inner City vs. Outer Space" -> this says it all.


  2. London (2005)

    London is a drug laden adventure that centers on a party in a New York loft where a young man is trying to win back his ex-girlfriend.

    Given to me by David of Vice Tattoo, he said i might enjoy it. Hellz yeah i did!

    Love & Drugs! what an awesome combination, for disaster. More of a high-end drug flick, rather than the usual slum, dingy and sketchy side. And what a gorgeous cast! 

    The new “the Bod” Jessica Biel shows some skin and gets her sex on. “He’s gonna be big” Chris Evans (who does a great job) is her drugged-up/pathetic “Ex” on a mission to win her back. I would definitely take drugs with Jason Statham! with HAIR!

    As i said drugs and ladies: Big things come in small packages, Isla Fisher, Aussies it up and looks cute as ever. And “who is this chick?” Kelli Garner bursts in with her “you can hold a pint with those!” hooters. If that ain’t enough for ya, this movie has got legs too care of the slender Joy Bryant.

    "Dude, on the poster (*sniffs) the word London’s written with cocaine! I’d take that as a positive sign."

    Not bad for the directorial/writing debut of Hunter Richards. He captured something here, ain’t a big thing… it’s something.

    The relationship can be easily sympathized by audiences, even if you haven’t gone though “the shit” (major break-up). I loved the drug parts!

    It’s a “pretty film”, where people can actually act.

    Coke + Bathroom = church.

  3. The Last Seven (2010)

    The last survivors must fight to stay alive as events become increasingly more dangerous and disturbing, whilst trying to piece together their memories of a cataclysmic event on an epic scale. Struggling to make sense of an impossible situation and stay alive against all the odds.

    Another post-apocalyptic tale… of sorts. And to think, i was actually expecting to be “wowed”. A great mystery shrouds 7 individuals… nothing new. Just like the common “leave a few people in a room” type of film, but with a bigger room.

    Very simple and done in a… “cheap” way. And it tries to be thought provoking, but distracts and disappoints.

    Nothing fantastic. There is a reveal, but it just crumbled towards the end. A very “average” movie, best viewed at 2pm while washing dishes.